Waste Not Thy Moment

by Tyson Ballew

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Recorded on a handheld tape recorder August 1st 2013
All songs Tyson Ballew
Cover art by Nora Hughes
Track art by Matt Fu


released August 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Tyson Ballew Bellingham, Washington

My name is Tyson Ballew. I live in Bellingham, WA. I spent 10 years frolicking in the seedy Missoula underground scene. I have been performing music for over 10 years. I self release music on Tummy Rock Records. I believe everyone has a story to tell. I have played over 300 solo sets. I play pop punk inspired folk music.
Send letters or mixtapes to:
Tyson Ballew
PO Box 41
Bellingham, WA 98225
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Track Name: Holding out for Heaven
There all going to make excuses for
to justify the things you do
and therein lies the crux
cause they love you so much

i see through your veneer
i see the real person here
a man who would blame his past
no responsibility for your actions

just because i love kids
there are so many reasons to oppose your friends
because they ought to know
there were victims in those videos

so your praying for salvation
your holding out for heaven
forgiveness for exploitation
that just sounds like fiction
you got caught up in a terrible situation
no empathetic emotion will ever be given

it's for sure, i've seen the truth
those pictures, there child abuse
you can't conjure no excuse
to ever condone someone who has them.
Track Name: Disintegrating
i want to tell you all the ways you let me down
all the reasons i'm not around
i want to tell you you are a creep
not one memory of you i wish to keep
i know that you are hurting
your blood's all over the floor
i am no longer worried
about you anymore

so many reasons to leave
i didn't want to watch you disintegrating
it was so hard to stay
i found it easy to run away

i wish that you would stop smoking
at least in front of me
it's hard to watch you choking
in your self made misery
i wish you would stop singing
carelessly into the void
it's left all our ears ringing
and made us pretty annoyed

so many reasons to leave
i didn't want to watch you disintegrating
it was so hard to stay
i found it easy to run away
Track Name: Chrysalis
Everyone's saying how great you are
how you change the town, rename all the stars
how easily you fit into this community
to swallow that was always hard for me
i remember when you first lgrew your new wings
how easily you became condescending

you said we'd stay the same
we'd never make the friends you made
we would stay refrained bound and chained

i remember your first solo adventure
in Florida you hit some stormy weather
you were not sure if you'd make it back to us
secretly i hoped you'd never return
then i would never have had to learn
that you viewed friendships like they were deciduous

i wanted you to feel hated
so i could be vindicated
for the writhing parts of me
a person i didn't want to be

i now know the importance
that day you came out of your chrysalis
i should have sang to you, been your champion
you seemed to believe
you were the only one hurting
like that small town only had out for you

i just want a friend whose with me till the end
who calls on holidays even with nothing to say
i just want a picture i can hang up on a wall
to show my new friends, when we were unstoppable
Track Name: Vengeful Sharpie
i heard you sing your songs about friends and adventuring
but i think you closed your eyes on the worlds you describe
we came down to tear down walls but you deface bathroom stalls
with your vengeful sharpie you scrawl down names of the community

i hate the scene filled with so much animosity
can't start again we can not be better friends

it's good to call people out but not just to scream and shout
to feel superiority over my friends ideologies
i'm not settled in being judgmental
we solve nothing if we're only alienating

i think it's obscene the way we treat our family
i quite the scene where the only thing that changes are the patches on our jeans

all i see are the ghosts of friendships, awkward exchanges, and insincerities

what will it take if we are to break
these barriers that only divide us
we're all here and we want to be loved
but is it too late are we too far broken
Track Name: Beer Bellies (Broken Bottles)
when we were young we had lots of fun
didn't need alcohol and we didn't need drugs
but then we got older was the only one who stayed sober
it's been a long lonely road that i have faced alone
but i don't regret missing any parties
and i don't expect you to ever understand me

we used to sing our songs you broke bottles in the parking lot
you didn't care about the cost you didn't worry about the cops
cause if there was no place to play there is always a place for partying
and it broke our hearts when that scene just fell apart
and i saw right then something i thought was negative
and i swore right then i would never be like them

now i'm pushing 30 my friends got stories
about lots of good times where they filled their beer bellies
other friends their hearts are broken and their hands are shaking
and it's been a long lonely road they have faced alone
but I'm glad for the choice i made for me
i'd be sad if i did anything to make others happy, i can't make you happy
Track Name: Waste Not Thy Power
you are so vile took us awhile
to really see inside of you
to see what your gonna do
you act so wild some of us thought you were fun
didn't realized we were being chewed up upon to be spit out when your done

some people make honest mistakes
but you just honestly try to break
anyone who would oppose you
not do what you wanna do
i can't believe your still around
not excommunicated from the town
that's just the extent of your power
to turn everyone sour

it may seem insincere the way i act when your near
i dunno what else to do I'm totally petrified of you

no one is going to steal your crown no one is gonna ever knock you down
we couldn't bear those concussions we couldn't risk those repercussions
I should stop you but i am too afraid to
so i'll just talk alot of shit and never deal with it